Moist Humans Wet With Gravy

by Filthy Turd

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Dan Otto / Don Henson
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Dan Otto / Don Henson I'd love this album, if they actually released audio for it. I bought it with the promise of audio to come...and so the years pass...
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"Moist Humans With Wet Gravy is all looped mantras, spoken words delivered into a dictaphone on the edge of a school playground [‘Back to the mud, back to the ditch’, ‘In the corner something’s lurking’] and then a rookery - the Turdster stumbles about like a drunken Chris Watson recording his addled thoughts while trying to stay upright and keep his gear intact. It sounds like Sudden Infant took a crash course in recording his stuff with broken equipment after ten pints of Carling. Its also the most accomplished Filthy Turd release to date and shows that someone, somewhere may just take the Turdster seriously one day."


"Moist humans wet with gravy: Burslem park - the gratuitous safari, I'm trogging round with the dog and making the hits. Fish-god hits. I've got mud in my knickers and I'm making the noise to appease arcane forces. Me dogs name is Jack and he's a good lad. Ever heard a band called HONEY HIDE ME GOAT? I met em yearssss ago in a geriatric place in the Black country. They had drunk their brains out and were singing with the Witchfinder. Later that night I was injured in an illegal wrestling match. I don't even know why I bother the past, the day has gone. What's the point in it eh? Next year I'm playing in the Honeyed Goat's Garage (HGG), a sort of apex between this world and jazz fear. Dubious cannibal types will dish up some Friday violence even if it's a Saturday - of that I'm assured. The Offal Chimps may also play. The ducks go quack but there's no fishin, no fishin in the cemetery tonight. Goat men have a record business, they make Goat records and other things. It's called 'Kitchen Dweller'. They made a turd-tape. Fresh recordings of pig-head girls being sick on my scab. It's limited. So hurry."



released November 1, 2010




Kitchen Dweller Records Kent, UK

Kent based independent Record Label.

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